We make good w. Here’s how you can tell

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Hello fellow canna connoisseur, Today we’re unpacking quality. More specifically, what to look for when you open a jar of fresh buds. Making sure you have good quality cannabis will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your purchase. We only want the best for you and are happy to impart our years and years of wisdom on the subject:

1. Colour

Good weed should be green, not brown. Flecks and specks of orange, brown and even purple are good.

2. Texture

You may hear weed referred to as ‘sticky’ and that’s because you want buds that are a bit tacky to the touch. Not too dry and not too wet.

3. Minimum sticks and no seeds

The only sticks you really want to see are the ones holding the bud. Seeds? No way. Your jar should be a seed-free zone.

4. Crystals

While you won’t find rose quartz, you should see some frosting. Heavier crystallization denotes a higher THC content. If you’ve bought a lower THC strain, don’t fret if you don’t see an abundance of crystals.

5. Smell

Take a whiff. Your bud should smell like, well, weed. A fresh sort-of skunky smell is great. Dankness is good, too. You want to smell the terpenes. If Alpha-Pinene is present, there should be a pine scent. Myrcene? Earthy, musky notes. But this is key: If your weed smells like hay, say no way.

Something About Larry and Route 66 Thumbnail Bud

Ensuring the quality of our products is extremely important to us. Our
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