Top 5 Most Interesting liiv Growth Practices

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We Facilitate Data-driven Growing

liiv has shifted towards data-driven growing. That means that liiv growers actually take data from their growing environment control system and measure how it contributes to metrics for plant potency. It also measures what factors contribute to the success or failure of growth. Eventually, the plan is to use this data to tailor a growing environment to an actual cannabis strain.

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We Make Custom Nutrient Blends

Instead of using store bought premade mixes, the liiv growing team actually tailor a unique nutrient blend recipe. We take a selection of the leaves from a crop and send it to a lab to ensure nutrient profiles are optimized. We update this process appropriately to maximize flower growth, while keeping the quality of our plant nutrients uncompromised.

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We Defend Our Plants

…from pesky bugs, that is. We use special plant predators to prevent harmful bugs from settling on our plants. When needed, we adjust the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels in our nutrient recipes, to encourage strong root systems and vegetative growth. Afterall, the healthier our plants, the stronger they are to ward off pests and disease. But not only that, the healthier the plant, the more likely it will produce potent products with better cannabinoid production.

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We Have a Grading Panel

We have a hand-picked team of devoted individuals that get together once a month to evaluate all of the consumer products we have in our facility. The individuals are professionally trained to grade and rate cannabis based on things like appearance and density.

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We Love Our “Mother” Plants

These are big plants that are maintained in a vegetative state in order to produce clones from. In our “Mother Room”, there is one Mother to our Mother plants. We treat these plants like the precious entities they are – with the highest level of care and attention. Part of our responsibility is to tend to these plants and ensure they get the most attention. We always have the next generation of plants ready to replace their Mother so they are always young and healthy.

Our primary focus is the science of growing and the optimal health of the plants. By letting data guide our decisions, we can better produce quality plants.

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