Yin & Yang

3.5 g pack

Our favourite CBD/THC strain, Yin & Yang is an indica-dominant hybrid, with a woody scent, some say resembles earl grey tea. With dense medium green buds with pistils ranging from pale peach to vibrant orange, Yin & Yang is a cultivar from Harlequin and Jack The Ripper.

Cannabinoid: 1:1 Balanced

THC 5-11%  |  CBD 7-13%

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Yin & Yang


Indica Dominant

Most Notable Terpenes

Chart Pie Chart Pie

Myrcene Natural

Beta Caryophyllene Natural



Pinene Alpha Natural

Pinene Beta Natural

D-Limonene Redistilled

Linalool Nat. Ex. H


Bisabolol Alpha Natural

Alpha Terpineol Natural

Nerolidol Natural

The listed terpenes are the most notable terpenes in these strains, but are not necessarily all of the terpenes present.


Lineage: Harlequin and Jack the Ripper

Flavour Profile

Earthy Icon


Citrus Icon


Hops Icon


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