Yin & Yang

Pre-roll: 1 x 1 g

Our favourite CBD/THC strain, Yin & Yang is now available as a 1g pre-roll. This indica-dominant hybrid has a woody scent that some say resembles earl grey tea. Yin & Yang is a cultivar from Harlequin and Jack The Ripper. Machine rolled for industry leading precision, this convenient 1g pre-roll delivers a smooth, consistent burn.

Cannabinoid: 1:1 Balanced

THC 5-11%  |  CBD 7-13%

Format Benefits:

  • 1g dried flower pre-roll
  • Made with Grade A Dried Flower
  • Machine rolled for a smooth, consistent burn

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Yin & Yang



Most Notable Terpenes

Chart Pie Chart Pie

Myrcene Natural

Beta Caryophyllene Natural



Pinene Alpha Natural

Pinene Beta Natural

D-Limonene Redistilled

Linalool Nat. Ex. H


Bisabolol Alpha Natural

Alpha Terpineol Natural

Nerolidol Natural

The listed terpenes are the most notable terpenes in these strains, but are not necessarily all of the terpenes present.


Harlequin and Jack the Ripper

Flavour Profile

Earthy Icon


Citrus Icon


Hops Icon


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