Buddha Haze Vape

0.5 g per cartridge

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Cannabinoid: THC Dominant

THC 77%-83%  |  CBD <1%

The Buddha Haze Vape is inspired by our fruity yet musky Buddha Haze strain. It features a flavourful botanical-derived terpene profile in a 0.5g 510 thread compatible cartridge. THC dominant, the Buddha Haze Vape cartridge has 800mg/g activated cannabinoid content. Each vape kit comes with a liiv 510 compatible vape battery, a USB charger and a Buddha Haze cartridge.

Format Benefits:

  • Flavour inspired
  • Discreet, stylish
  • 510 thread compatibility
  • USB Rechargable

Available in:

Battery + Cartridge | Cartridge Only

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Most Notable Terpenes

Chart Pie Chart Pie

Nerolidol Natural

Myrcene Natural



Beta Caryophyllene Natural

D-Limonene Redistilled

Beta Pinene

Alpha Terpineol Natural

Alpha Pinene


Fenchyl Alcohol

Borneol Natural

Caryophyllene Oxide Natural

Ocimene Natural

The listed terpenes are the most notable terpenes in these strains, but are not necessarily all of the terpenes present.

Flavour Profile

Earthy Icon


Fruity Icon


Green Icon


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