Bali Kush

3.5 g pack

What an indica-dominant hybrid! Bali Kush has that classically kush squat, sturdy structure, with olive and purple coloured buds and dark orange pistils. It is earthy and spicy; offers hints of hops and clove thanks to terpenes like myrcene and B-caryophyllene. A cross between Black Afghani and Bubba Kush, BK features trace amounts of rare cannabinoid CBG.

Cannabinoid: THC Dominant

THC 16-24%  |  CBD ≤1%

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Bali Kush


Indica Dominant

Most Notable Terpenes

Chart Pie Chart Pie

Beta Caryophyllene Natural

Linalool Nat. Ex. H

Myrcene Natural

D-Limonene Redistilled


Alpha Terpineol Natural

Nerolidol Natural

Pinene Beta Natural

Bisabolol Alpha Natural

Pinene Alpha Natural


Comphene Natural


The listed terpenes are the most notable terpenes in these strains, but are not necessarily all of the terpenes present.


Black Afghani and Bubba Kush

Flavour Profile

Earthy Icon


Citrus Icon


Hops Icon


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