happy plants = healthy plants

happy plants = potent plants

At liiv, we prioritize the quality of our bud over everything else. That’s why, we started testing new ways to make our plants healthier and got some really potent buds! So, what changes have we made and what tweaks have helped us get the very best out of our genetics?

Cloning improvements


Every plant is only as good as the clone it comes from. We’ve recently overhauled our cloning program to put a greater focus on health and quality. As well as adding some experienced new team members to lead our cloning room programs, we’ve changed the way we clone and the materials we use, to ensure the viability of our mom’s babies.

Integrative Pest Management

Integrative Pest Management (or IPM!):

It’s no secret that pests and disease really stress out cannabis plants. When plants are healthy and happy, they create quality
product, while stressed plants focus more on dealing with external threats rather than growing the right way. We’ve made a ton of improvements in our preventative measures so we can tackle potential issues before they even pop up. We’ve double downed on our biological pest management systems early in the plants lifecycle, so plants stay focused on flowering in later growth.

Greenhouse automation

Greenhouse automation:

We’ve recently invested in improving automation across our
facility. Light sensors detect exactly the amount and strength of the natural light entering our greenhouse and adjust our own lighting cycles in line with the plant’s needs. We’re taking data driven growing to the next level!

Rapid Testing

Rapid Testing:

We’ve brought in new machinery that allows us to test our plants every couple of days, so we can optimize our harvest window. By taking an individualized approach to each of our cultivars and lots, we’ve been able to give them the exact right care and attention. Pair this with our new flexible harvesting scheduling (which is based on exactly when our plants are ready!) and we’ve been able to revolutionize how we manage every plant.

happy plants = potent plants

In our greenhouse, we know its about every single interaction with our cannabis cultivar, every single day. Each plant is unique and our grow team spends hours and hours understanding the exact needs and wants of each strain and each plant. We know it’s about quality over quantity and in the end, having happy cultivar is what really matters. Because happy plants = healthy plants.

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